The Inner Circle at KSA Festival

09 Jun 2018 / 03:00 PM
Thank you all for an amazing new experience! So much love was given and received that day. The question that remains is: will there be a second date?

The Inner Circle presents 'The Piano Bar', an acoustic oasis in between techno and (deep)house mayhem at komm schon Alter Das Festival.

Every hour a new speed-dating round.
1 round = 3 love songs, 3 dates.
A dilemma card game to break the ice.
With 1 rule: you have to choose.
A fab thank-you-for-joining gift afterward.
Limited seats, unlimited love.

15:00 All The Lovers (friends & fun)
16:00 Same, Same, Sexy (LGBTQ)
17:00 Hetero Hotties
18:00 All The Lovers (friends & fun)
19:00 Same, Same, Sexy (LGBTQ)
20:00 Hetero Hotties
Location: Tuinen van West
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